Welcome to the website of Dobromir Dimitrov!

A qualified iconographer and theologian, Rev Dr Dobromir Dimitrov has painted icons in the tradition of the Byzantine icon (εἰκών) for more than 23 years. Through his ministry as an icon-painter – using the theology of colours, he proclaims the truth that ‘God was manifested in the flesh’ (1 Tim 3:16).

To him, the tradition of icon-painting is a liturgical art, an inseparable part of the Orthodox Christian tradition of the Church, and a testimony to the Taboric light and the love of the beautiful (φιλοκαλία).

Drawing on the treasure house of Christian art, Fr Dobromir creates images using a variety of iconographic techniques: egg tempera, fresco, mosaic.

In addition to his teaching, providing expertise, and writing, he also does research on early Christian art and Byzantine iconography.

Of particular interest to him are the depictions of western early Christian saints. Painting their holy icons, he helps restore their veneration in the UK and Western Europe.

Icons painted by Fr Dobromir can be found in churches and monasteries in some 15 countries around the world. He executes specially commissioned icons, sacred murals and mosaics; restores and conserves old icons and works of art; and provides expert advice on church interior design. You are very welcome to contact him with your enquiry by email or by phone (see below for details).


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